Me 2 I have a dream

Me 2 I have a dream
Cuantas crisis más hacen falta para demostrar que el Sistema Capitalista no es que ESTÁ mal, es que ES así.

miércoles, 6 de abril de 2011

Jacque Fresco Interview

Marcelo Sanchez: Jacque Fresco, the creator and the mind behind The Venus Project, a monumental work of several fields of knowledge that unify the concept of a new future for the human civilization. Fresco's entire life is perhaps the definition of a second chance, a new opportunity for social progress in harmony with our planet and technology.

The Venus Project looks to move beyond money and resources

Jacque Fresco:

On the Venus project:
Jacque Fresco & Roxanne Meadows

The Venus project is an attempt to bring world peace and all the nations together. If you don't want war, killing, crime, you have to redesign the way society works. You have to declare all the earth's resources as a common heritage of all the world's people. Then, we have to remove the monetary system which is basically corrupt. As if to that, we have to erase the artificial boundaries that separate people, so we have one world working cooperatively towards preserving the environment and all life as we know it.

Modern economic setup cements wealth and power inequality

A money based economy produces incentive, but it also produces incentive for corruption, pay offs, paying off senators, corporations, buying senators... It's never been a democracy, we've never had a democracy, no nation's ever had it. If you don't have equal purchasing power, you can't have a democracy.

Communism uses money, it has social stratification, it has banks, it has army and navy, prisons and police, we (a Resource Based Economy) don't have any of those.

The Venus Project rejects both Capitalism and Communism

On human thinking:

Human being is conditioned to think in a certain way. If you were raised by the headhunters of the Amazon as a babe, if you never saw anything else, you'll be a headhunter. If you were raised in Nazi Germany where all you see is Heil Hitler ..., you'll be a German. So I think all people are perfectly well adjusted to where they're coming from. There's no such thing as good or bad people, you're taught to hate certain people, where do you get that from? From environment! It's not that people are good or bad, it's that they are raised in an aberrated or twisted environment.

Notions of good and evil depend entirely on social context

On language communication:

There has to be a language that is not subject to interpretation, since our language is very old and it is difficult to talk one on another, it is so automatic and has no meaning. Mathematics, Engineering, Chemistry, Physics, Structural Engineering are languages that are not subject to interpretation. So it's possible to develop a language not subject to interpretation.

Language is exact science and not subject to interpretation

On democracy and "freedom":

Democracy is a con game, it's a word invented to placate people, to make them accept a given institution. All institutions sing: "We are free!" the moment you hear Freedom and Democracy, watch out! Because in a truly free nation no one has to tell you you're free.

Democracy is a con game to give people illusion of freedom

This system right now is moving towards fascism, in order to defend the Status Quo, cutting back in our freedoms, the little freedoms we had, we never had complete freedom 'cause the word freedom has no meaning. When an Arab comes to this country (USA) with ten wives, they say: "you can only come in with one". So don't use the word Freedom, say: "There's a certain range of behavior that we permit in this society and this is what it is". Don't use the word Freedom.

Societies only offer freedom within strict contraints

Each system wants to perpetuate itself, we don't go to another country to bring democracy, we go there for their resources: Oil, metals, cheap labor. We don't go there to bring democracy. We took this land from the Indians, we stole it, and after that we took New Mexico from Mexico, and California from Spain, after we stole all the land we needed, we put up the sign: "Thou shall not steal". All nations are corrupt, all of them, not one nation knows enough about ecology to handle the problems. All politicians are basically ignorant men, all of them, all the way back in history. Our problems are not political, they were a hundred years ago, but today they're technical: safe transportation, production with abundance, making things available to people without the use of money, as long as money exists you're going to have corruption, no matter how many treaties you sign, no matter how many laws you make. 90% of man-made laws are irrelevant, it isn't laws that we need, people need access to the necessities of life, when that's arranged, they don't steal.

Crisis poses threat as weakened leaders hit back at people
Useless laws and ignorant politicians collapse any system
On human nature:

There's no such thing as Human Nature, otherwise we would still be living in caves, if human nature wouldn't be changed, It is learned when you're mother says: "You're a Lutheran, you don't play with that little catholic boy", so the parents indoctrinate their children. In the future parents will be educated on how to raise children. You have to raise children because children can learn anything at all, they can learn Geology, Physics, Chemistry, but we give them garbage. We have Mickey Mouse clubs in America, How shameful! That's no way to raise children!

Children need real valuesinstead of Mickey Mouse garbage

We own so much to so many nations, the separation of nations is dangerous, wrong and the failure of nations to work together is what war is, War is the supreme failure of bridging the difference between nations. There'll be no military in the future. There will be people who learn to solve problems so that they’ll become problem solvers. That's what is needed: Science applied to government.

Lack of education turns soldiers into killing machines

In the future when the children look back, they will ask: "Couldn't you see that the monetary system had people paid off? Couldn't you see? Wasn't it obvious to you?" and you'll say: "No, we were growing up in it, we didn't know the difference". Kids will not understand that in the future.

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